RELOCATING WHILE YOU SLEEP with the RAFTS® APP ….. The complete solution for the expat or relocator! Wouldn’t that be great?…

We all know what happens when someone gets the message: “Congratulations, you are hired!”
EUPHORIA! Fantastic!….. The new adventure starts: a new work environment in The Netherlands!
AND THEN …..the Tornado of things that need to be taken care of whirls in:
What needs to be organized and taken care of?
Finding the right moving company (for the right price);
Will they help with packing? And will they help me on the other side as well?
What is coming with you, what goes into storage, what stays?
What documents do I need for immigration?
When will I arrive and/or will I go on an orientation journey before the actual move?
What about customs?
What kind of house can we get in that new country for our budget?
How will the children and/or pets survive the transfer emotionally?
How about the schools?
How are the rules and regulations over there?
Do they have good hospitals and/or doctors; which health insurance do we need?
Can we use our credit cards or checkbook?
How do we get a bank account?
How and where will we get registered in a new address?
What about the culture and history in that country?
When will the official start date at the new employer be and how to get there, from my new home?

Getting all of this covered, while still working in the current job, can throw a person off balance.
WHAT IF…. All of the above is taken care of smoothly, using a new tool that gives everybody a relaxed state of mind, getting their shut-eye without a worry in the world? Can you have that?

YES! NOW WITH THE RAFTS® APP YOU CAN! The employee, HR manager or relocator can have this tool, which is only one “touch away” on your phone. Coming soon in 27 languages.

Completed with fun and informative elements, webinars, tips and tricks and extra support for children and pets! You will know exactly what is going on, having an overview on the status of every step and communication is clear and confidential with your RAFTS® personal account manager!!

The employee and family are totally informed, HR manager and relocator are setup for success and the expat will have a soft landing in The Netherlands!

Everything reachable under one button on your phone, tablet or PC…


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