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Training and education

In order to run a successfull business you have to stay up to date. Whether you are in need of some extra information or whether you have an employee who wants to improve his Dutch skills in order to do business more easily, training and education are important for your company.

Although the Dutch society is based on western principles, it still has its own extraordinary and interesting diversity. The Dutch are known for being down to earth and very straight forward.  The rest of the world think they are rude. They are not rude though, just really honest.  Culture shock training explains these and other surprising facts, habits and customs about differences between the Dutch culture and your own.

The Expat Center for the Netherlands recommends these institutions for culture shock training:

Narrativity Group; Sherry Ramzy;
+31 (0)6 226 60 881; + 31 (0)20 641 71 91;


@ Home abroad; Caitríona Rush; 
+31 (0)6 811 33 988; 

What also helps to understand the Dutch society and integrate in Dutch business is knowing some Dutch. Though it might seem like a hard language to learn and most Dutch citizens speak English quite well, the Dutch will generally appreciate any effort you make in their language.

The Expat Center for the Netherlands recommends these institutions for learning Dutch:

Talencoach: have fun and learn fast 10544198_768077249918109_3977230702338988565_o
+ 31 (0) 20 3313738

Koentact/Amsterdam Language Cafe

+31 (0)20 737 16 16

Dutch4you2: enjoy learning languages



Do you want to take it a step further and extend your knowledge on certain subjects? There are plenty of opportunities for you to join courses on Dutch higher education institutions. Higher education in the Netherlands is offered at two types of institutions: research universities (‘universiteiten’ or ‘wetenschappelijk onderwijs’) and universities of professional education (‘hogescholen’ of ‘hoger beroepsonderwijs’). The former compromise general universities and universities specializing in engineering and agriculture. The latter compromise general institutions and institutions specializing in a particular field, such as fine and performing arts or teacher training.

Follow this link for a list of Dutch hogescholen and universities or contact us directly if you are looking for something specific. We are available at info@expatcenter.nl or 0900-9811.

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