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Real Estate

Finding a nice property where you feel comfortable and at home is vital for a successfull stay in the Netherlands. Bear in mind that there might be different rules and regulations as to buying or renting real estate in the Netherlands. Contact the Expat Center for tips and tricks.

Although The Expat Center for The Netherlands does not offer real estate itself, we work closely together with some real estate agents. They are equally comitted to make your relocation run as smooth as possible.

The Expat Center for the Netherlands recommends the following real estate agent for your relocation:



A1 Executive Estate
P.O.Box 754
1180 AT Amstelveen
T: +31 (0)20 44 11 426
F: +31 (0)20 44 11 427



When you have found the house you are going to call home for the coming period you might want to decorate it according to your own taste. The Expat Center for the Netherlands also helps with finding the right interior decorators.

Art may also help to make your house feel more like home. Please take care though, that when bringing art and antiques into the Netherlands you require an export licence issued by the authorities of your country. Certified antiques dealers may be able to help you with this. Culture goods may not be brought and imported into the Netherlands without the export licence.

Need some extra help with relocation and finding the right property? You can contact A1 Executive Estate directly or get in touch with us for more information at info@expatcenter.nl or 0900-9811.

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