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Personal matters

After finding a house it is important to settle all other personal matters. Whether you are looking for an international school for your children or want to know if you can use your driver's license in the Netherlands, the Expat Center for the Netherlands helps you settle down as smoothly as possible.

Health Care

When living in the Netherlands you might find yourself in need of health care at some point. It would be most convenient if you could go to a doctor or dentist who speaks proper English and who understands you and your culture. Luckily there are institutions that offer health care especially to expats. Please contact the Expat Center for the Netherlands for phone numbers and addresses of the specialized institutions.

Driving Licence

Everyone who lives in the Netherlands and wants to drive a moped, car, lorry, bus or motorcycle must have a driving licence. You must be at least 18 years of age to be issued a driving licence.  A driving licence must be extended before it expires. A driving licence is valid in principle for 10 years. There are different categories of driving licences for different means of transport. This means that with a driving licence for a car you are not automatically allowed to drive a bus as well.
If you have a foreign driving licence and you wish to drive a motorised vehicle in traffic in the Netherlands, you may need to have an international driving permit in addition to a valid licence issued in a foreign country. If your driving license was issued in an EU/EFTA country, then it is always valid in the Netherlands. Has your driving licence been issued outside the EU and EFTA then you can use it for another 185 days after becoming a resident in the Netherlands. During that period you must obtain a Dutch driving licence.
More information can be found on the RDW website.


Are you taking your children with you to the Netherlands? Here is a list of the International schools.


If you have any questions about personal matters which the various links do not answer, then please do not hesitate to contact us at info@expatcenter.nl or 0900-9811.

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