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The IND is the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Authority (Immigratie- en Naturalisatie Dienst), which is a Dutch government organization. They they regulate evertyhing that has to do with immigration policy. Whether you are coming to the Netherlands to start up a business or you want to bring your wife here, the IND will handle your application and provide you with all the paperwork that is needed to enter the Netherlands on a legal basis.

On the website of the IND you can find more information on all kinds of different immigration issues, www.ind.nl. You may call them yourself at: 088 - 043 04 30. However, the IND site does not provide all the information there is and the phone number can be busy. Do you need help right now? Or are you unsure about certain issues? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our utmost best to help you! Just call us at 0900-9811 or email us at info@expatcenter.nl